Terms and Conditions

1. Canceling of Order

The customer can withdraw his order (cancel) no later than two hours after order was placed by writing an e-mail to m.marin@sartor.cz, the subject of the email must be the word CANCEL. If the customer has already paid for the goods ordered, he will be refunded by PayPal back. If the customer cancels the order after 2 hours of time, we will accept such cancellation only after prior agreement with buyer.

2. Returns

If you are not satisfied with purchased goods, you can return the goods without any reason, but no later than 14 days after receiving them. The goods must be returned unused and undamaged, with proof of purchase. After returning the goods the customer will be immediately refunded the price of goods minus shipping costs. This does not apply to goods which have been modified by the customer and can not be therefore sold again. For purchased fabrics of less then 5m customer will be refunded the price of such goods reduced by 10%. Returns of any reason within 14 days shall not apply to goods that the customer personally checked and picked up in our store. If it is proved that the customer ordered goods unsuitable to provided description and pictures, he can return the goods and the price of the goods minus shipping costs will be fully refunded. If you want to return goods after 14 days from receiving them, we are not obliged to accept the goods. Goods refund can be only allowed upon mutual agreement with the owner of SARTOR BOHEMIA.

Goods shall be returned to the address of our shop:

SARTOR BOHEMIA, Karmelitská 14, Prague, Czech Republic, zip code: 118 00

3. Complaint

All our products are warranted for 24 months from the date of purchase (date of invoice). It applies to defects and malfunctions occurring during the warranty period due to manufacturing or failure of the material. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of improper use or damage. Goods for complaint should be sent to our address together with proof of purchase. Claim execution time is 30 days. After examination of the goods we will propose one or more variations of refund, discount on goods or repair of goods. Note: All materials purchased from us with a share of pure silk are recommended for dry cleaning only. Any washing in water is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any inappropriate procedures of washing and ironing. Damages due to washing in water and ironing will not be considered.

4. Damaged Shipments

If you are delivered damaged parcel – torn, unstuck, goods lost etc., you should take a package within 24 hours to claim the post office or appropriate courier. Responsibility for the damaged item bears the shipping company. We will try our best for being an assistance to you, but the cost of damage is then to be claimed to the shipping company.

5. Customer Support


Email: m.marin@sartor.cz

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