Stags in Pearl Roundels, 7th–8th c. Central Asia – Sassanian/Sogdian – SUCCESSFULLY FINISHED, Project Closed


This silk blend brocade will be a replica of a 7th–8th century textile found in Central Asia. This is a very nice example of a Sassanian/Sogdian textile. Paired animal motives, often like here standing on a split-palmette pedestal and enclosed in pearl roundel, were very popular. The animals could vary from mammales to birds and mythical beasts, each animal having certain meaning or reflecting owner’s rank. Here we can see stags (ibexes) which were a prey for hunters.

Period: 7th–8th c. Central Asia – Sassanian/Sogdian

Colors: beige pattern on golden background or brown pattern on golden background with lines in black

Pattern repeat: ~ 18 cm

Fiber content: silk / viscose

Weight: ~ 50mm (220g/m2)

Width: 75cm

Price: 570CZK ~ 26USD / 22EUR per meter without 21% VAT – if you are ordering within EU and you don’t have a business, you need to add the VAT.

Delivery: April 2017


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