Brocade with Stags – IN PRODUCTION


GO TO ONLINE SHOP TO PRE-ORDER  till it lasts (total produced quantity are 100m)

This will be a silk reproduction of an extant textile, which can be found in several variations in different museums such as Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Victoria and Albert Museum in London etc. Depending on exact piece the textile is dated to the end of 14th century or beginning of 15th century and was most likely first woven in Lucca, Italy. The stags in the pattern should have had a religious context, being a Christian symbol of faithful souls under God’s protection. This pattern was much beloved and repeated/copied many times over the centuries. We will weave it in a strong lampas weave and in a higher weight making this an exquisite steel for the pre-order price. Please note that any left overs from production will be offered in our shop for remarkably higher price than the one of the pre-order.

GO TO ONLINE SHOP TO PRE-ORDER  till it lasts (total produced quantity are 100m)

Period: 14/15th century, Italian (probably Lucca)

Colors: tyrian purple and metallic gold (lurex) – same color combination as THIS ONE

Pattern repeat: within the  range of 28 to 35 cm

Quality: same as THIS ONE - note that you can request a free quality sample HERE

     Material: purple yarn - pure 100% silk, golden yarn – lurex

     Weight:  ~ 40m/m | 175g/m2 (35-45m/m)

Width: 140 cm | 55″

Price: 1396 CZK ~ approximately* 65 USD / 58 EUR per meter without 21% VAT (if you live in EU and you are not buying as a VAT tax registered company, then you must pay the additional tax of 21%)

Delivery: March 2018

GO TO ONLINE SHOP TO PRE-ORDER  till it lasts (total produced quantity are 100m)

original Original Textile in Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, USA

*set price is in Czech Crowns. Equivalent to other currencies is calculated automatically in e-shop according current exchange rates

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