14thc Silk Damask “Charles de Blois” – SUCCESSFULLY FINISHED, Project Closed

Silk Damask

You have been asking us to bring back one of our earliest replicas. You convinced us – so here it is. 100% Silk Damask with medieval pattern. A reconstruction of the pattern of Charles de Blois (end of 14th century). The fabric is smooth, drapes well and has inverse colors, so you can have a dark pattern on a light background and vice versa. Pattern size is 4,5cm. The pattern is woven not printed. Exclusively offered by SARTOR BOHEMIA.

Period: end of 14th century, France

Colors: true original – golden pattern on white background

Pattern repeat: 4.5cm

Fibre content: 100% real silk

Weight: 23mm (100g/m2)

Width: 140cm

Price: 60EUR/m

How to pre-order:

The “Pre-order” button on your right will not lead you nowhere as we have not yet successfully connected this webpage to PayPal. Never mind, in the meantime you can order manually. Follow these steps:

  1. Email us your order. For example if you want to buy 5m, then you write “I order 14thc Silk Damask “Charles de Blois”, 5m x 60EUR = 300EUR”. Please put CUSTOM PATTERNS in subject of the message
  2. Within 1-3 business days you will receive a PayPal request together with a proforma invoice  for 50% of your order. For example, if you ordered 5m worth 300EUR, then you will receive a PayPal request for 150EUR. We will then manually put your order in this webpage, so that others can see the progress in ordering.
  3. If the goal amount (3000EUR in this case) is reached before deadline (15th Nov 2013), the fabric will be produced within 1 month. You will receive another PayPal request and invoice for the remaining 50% of your order when the fabric is ready to be shipped. Don’t worry about the shipping cost, for this project we offer free worldwide shipping!
  4. If the goal amount is not reached before deadline, you will be returned your 50% deposit payment back to your PayPal account within 1 week.

Any questions? Email us or post a comment bellow.

5 thoughts on “14thc Silk Damask “Charles de Blois” – SUCCESSFULLY FINISHED, Project Closed

  1. Ringwar Northwood

    Love the fabrics you are advertising. Looking forward to seeing “the one” for me. I look forward to a green and gold fabric with a stag from 14thC England.

  2. Grace Vibbert

    I would like to pre-order three yards please… I got an error “There was a problem connecting with the paypal gateway. (CODE)520003 Authentication failed. API credentials are incorrect.”

    I’m sure you’re already aware of the problem but just in case you’re not… there you go :)

    1. SARTOR BOHEMIA Post author

      Yes we are aware of the problem and working on connecting Paypal to the site. Therefore the pre-order is manually-made, you can read “How to pre-order” under the photos of the Charles de Blois fabric. You will pay a 50% deposit and when the fabric is finished, you will pay the rest and the fabric will be sent to you (no shipping charge). If the goal is not reached and the fabric is not made, you will receive your money back.

  3. David Lazenby

    Hello. wonderful work. Do you have any left of the Charles de Blois fabric? i would like to order 6m.


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