How It Works

The idea behind our weaving projects is pretty simple – we choose an interesting pattern from our gradually growing collection of historical patterns and assign them historically true fabric material, usually 100% pure silk damask. We publish this fabric here and wait for some time (usually 1 month) to collect small orders which together will make one big order acceptable by our weavers. We weave the fabric and then distribute it to between you.

So, What Do I Need To Do?

  • Choose a fabric from posted weaving projects or propose your own
  • Pay only if the project succeeds
  • Receive your fabric as soon as 60days after project’s deadline

A. Typical Project’s Progress – Pre-ordering Already Posted Fabric:

  1. Choose the fabric you like and select wished amount of meters or type directly the value of pre-ordered meters if you don’t find your exact amount in the menu.
  2. You will be then asked to fill in your name, email address and a working paypal account. By this you agree that SARTOR BOHEMIA can withdraw a value of the pre-ordered goods once project has successfully come to an end. No money will be taken from your paypal account yet.
  3. Only once project comes to a successful end we will withdraw money from your account. By successful end we mean that within the given time there will be enough orders collected to consume the total fabric’s value (for the time being this is set to a value of 50m of fabric)*
  4. The fabric will be put into production. We will start working immediately and will inform you on the progress in the “progress updates” section on this web page. We need to recreate the pattern in vector graphic, transform it to a designed CAD program, dye silk threads, choose a suitable jacquard loom and prepare it for weaving, weave and finally apply finishings to the fabric. This all takes some time – usually about 60days
  5. Your own very special fabric is delivered to your door. There are no additional costs for regular postal charges. If you are living within EU you don’t need to worry about any customs as the goods will be from Czech Republic. If you live out of EU, you may need to deal with custom clearance according to your own country’s regulations.

*Note: Shall the project not come to a successful end meaning that not enough orders have been collected to consume the total fabric’s value within the time given, then there will be no charge to your paypal account.

B. Typical Project’s Progress – Post&Pre-order Your Own Fabric:

  1. Email us your desired pattern, fabric type and size of your intended order (10 m etc.)
  2. We evaluate the pattern and order before we accept it
  3. We publish the pattern and collect orders within agreed given time (one month etc.)
  4. You will be kindly asked to make the 1st pre-order – from here the progress is same as in A.