Who are we? And what is this all about?

We are a family run business selling natural silk, linen and brocade fabrics. These and more you can get from our official website.

This site is our special project with the goal of bringing historical textiles back to life. Many of us have been astonished by the beauty and patterns of old and long forgotten brocades and damasks. We don’t want these masterpieces to stay in museums, we want to recreate them! Nevertheless, weaving pure silk jacquards is a costly procedure and we cannot afford to weave every beautiful fabric we come across with. So we came up with this idea:

On this website we collect orders for fabrics we would like to weave but we do not have enough money to produce them without knowing if they get sold. We post the fabrics here and we see if enough people are interested. If yes, then we make it. As simple as that. 

Read more about how it works here or simply browse through the finished and ongoing projects posted in the FABRICS section. Happy fabric dreaming and let us know what you think!

Your SARTOR team