Who are we? And what is this all about?

We are a family run business selling natural silk, linen and brocade fabrics. These and more you can order directly from our e-shop.

This site is our special project with the goal of COLLECTING ORDERS and that way finance and produce historical textiles beyond our usual production plan. Thus bringing MORE historical textiles back to life. Many of us have been astonished by the beauty and patterns of old and long forgotten brocades and damasks. We don’t want these masterpieces to stay in museums, we want to recreate them! Nevertheless, weaving pure silk jacquard is a costly procedure and we cannot afford to weave every beautiful fabric we come across. But together we can achieve more.

With as little as 20 meters order, you yourself can initiate a collective custom order. Of course it needs to be a historical pattern based on documentary sources. We publish the chosen textile here and promote it through our social media and customer network. Then we wait one month to collect orders from others till we fulfill the minimum for financing the project which are 50 meters in total. Then we start production. As simple as that.

Read more about how it works here or simply browse through the finished and ongoing projects posted in the FABRICS section. Happy fabric dreaming and let us know what you think!

Your SARTOR team